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Q: It has been over a month since the album came out but ‘Empty’ or Color Ring’ is still doing well on the music charts. You must be please by such result, especially since you sing the intro which sets the mood for the song.

Mino: I know the intro is really improtant but I wasn’t pressured by it. Taehyun said my voice helped to set the mood and focus on the song. Whenever I hear those comments, I feel proud of myself.

Q: Your voice is well known as a vocalist even though you are a rapper.

Mino: I used to intentionally make up my voice. I used to rap in a loud tone, even when yelling, or make my voice sound like I’m chewing rocks, on purpose. I think my current voice is affected by those days. However, I realized hwo the best sound comes out if I rap comfortably. Famous musicians overseas like Jay-Z sings with the voice they are comfortable with. So I realized it is best for me to rap the way I am most comfortable with.

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